Your Prescription
my little slice of paradise

one of my best friends in the whole world is back from Japan for a little bit and I get to see him tonight and I am so, so excited. it’s been waayyy too long.

peace & quiet
yesterday i ran away and spent the day in the forest

i’m losing my shit

I’ve been having like a week long panic attack and it’s making me feel 19 again.

Soo Sharkiecon Vegas…WHO AM I GONNA SEE THERE?


 ’I can see you’ by toni infante

now that i have a proper computer again i am realizing how shit my layout looks. mehhhh.


Surfing Pikachu by request (x,x)

last few days have been really awful. ugh. when did life get so damn complicated. why do i make it so complicated.

at least the weather was good on the way there
high school dreams come true