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backyard plums

fluffycatprettypuff said: You are so beautiful!!

oh my gosh, thank you! so flattering coming from someone so gorgeous!! *blushes*

pizzapartyplusprofanity said: could you direct me to where you got those wicked rad mermaid scale leggings?

Yeah for sure! They’re from Black Milk Clothing :) I don’t know if they have this exact colour right now, but I do know they’re coming out with another really wicked colour on the 26th!

also sry for never replying to messages, i am lame like that. it takes me forever.

push my buttons

mr. nosy

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Apollonia Saintclair 503 - 20140713 La vente à la sauvette (The backyard sale)

okay for real though, more likely than ‘playing hard to get’ we probably just genuinely don’t like you/don’t want to touch your penis. so basically that just brings us back to the whole ‘no actually does means no’ thing.

do you ever just find yourself in one of those conversations where at some point you’re just wondering “what the hell is happening right now”